Reception letter – Autumn 1 2020

January 2020

Trip to Stoke Newington Fire Station

Autumn 2 Reception Curriculum Information 2019

Autumn 1 Reception Curriculum Information 2019

November 2019

Trip to Stoke Newington Library

Today was our first trip as Reception Class at St Mary’s, we walked to our local Library in Stoke Newington and the Librarian read us a great story call ‘Something beginning with Blue’. Some of our parents came of the trip with us!

Keeping Ourselves Safe Day

On Keeping Ourselves Safe day we had a visit from some dentists who came into school to explain to us how to brush our teeth to look after them and why this is important to keep our-self healthy. They talked about foods that are okay for teeth and named some foods that can damage teeth, they also demonstrated the best way to brush your teeth. We sat in the hall with Year 1 and at the end of the session we were able to ask questions if we had any.



During History Day we focused learnt all about Dinosaurs. We used them in Maths as a counting and number recognition activity. In English we made a wanted poster for a dinosaur that was on the loose in our school. We practised cutting skills when making Dinosaur puppets and created a small world Dinosaur Land!

October 2019


We talked about Animals we see in school playgroud (birds mostly). We learnt that a common playground bird is a Sparrow then read a book called ‘A very worried Sparrow’.

We discussed what we could do if we feel worried about something like the Sparrow. We now understand that God loves everyone, he will take care of people and provide for them . . . just like he did for the worried sparrow!

Olivia “worried means fed up and sad”.

Susanna (Did the bird need to be worried) “No because Mummy would always come back”.

Arthur “God is looking after him, he is happy”.

Illy “God made everything”.

Joel “God made birds”.


Today we had a PSHE Circle time. We looked at pictures and discussed how we know when other people or ourselves are ‘Feeling Happy’. Our emotion friend (puppet ‘Red’) came to help us all share something that makes us feel happy. When we hold the candle it is our turn to speak, we must show respect and listen to our friends. At the end of the circle time we danced to the song ‘happy’.

To make us all feel happy, Miss Mackay set up ‘Reception Class Special Day’.


September 2019


First we made a mind map to re-cap ‘The Creation Story‘.

Next we looked at some ‘wow’ pictures of the beautiful world that god created. These pictures made us feel “happy” and they look “special”.  We talked about what we think is special about gods world.

“Fish” – Filip. “All animals” – Illy. “Flowers and Animals” – Eabha.

Our activity was to created a picture of something we think is ‘special’ from the world god created.

Raheem created a picture of “fish under the sea”.

Ilaria loves “trees and parks” so she used pencil to draw a picture.

Kahlo created her own mind map of 7 days of the creation story.


RE Day

This week was RE Day, it was split into 4 activities to learn and celebrate the new St Mary’s Mission and Values statement. We read  and acted out the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 during ‘Godly play’. We discovered meditation and how we use that as a time to reflect spiritually. As a whole class we made bread, and ate it all! This will inspire our writing on Monday.  We looked at stained glass windows and talk about how we find these in churches, we made our own to put up in school.

  • “ Meditation made me feel relaxed” – Kebron
  • “Feeding the 5000 was a miracle!” – Miah-Mae
  • “1, 2, 3… 12 disciples!” – Whole class counting


What is precious to you?

We talked about what precious means and thought of examples of what is precious to us. We learn’t about the world that god created in 7 days and how the world is Precious to god.

  • “I made a world like God created out of the foam” –Umar
  • The children’s main idea was that God thinks animals are “precious”. During free flow they role-play being God and looking after all the animals.
  • Khyro held the candle at the front of the class while we said a prayer thanking God for making the world.