Emergency Information

Any information in the event of an emergency will be posted in this section.

St Mary’s is currently closed for normal schooling and only open for registered key workers and vulnerable children

St Mary’s staff have tried to contact every family personally with a telephone call to establish the need for support for the following childcare service. There were a very small number of families that we were unable to get through to.

As we have a very small number of children needing care we will be working with the staff at Grasmere Primary School on Albion Rd to provide childcare there. This will start from Tuesday 24th March to care for children of key workers and for the most vulnerable children.

This service is:

  • only for parents that are key workers and can provide evidence as such
  • only available for families that have vulnerable children e.g have a social worker or an EHCP. In this case school staff will have contacted these families.
  • only accessible as a last resort. The government has said ‘keep your children at home wherever possible’, so we expect parents to pursue other options before choosing school childcare as an option.

It appears that the likelihood of children becoming seriously ill or worst because of the virus is low. However the same cannot be said for members of my staff team. So please ensure you have a real need for this emergency childcare.

This provision will be reviewed on a daily basis.

If you think you meet the above criteria and wish to register your child for the above, please contact Mrs McKelvey on bmckelvey@st-marys.hackney.sch.uk

Please take care and keep in touch.

Mrs O’Brien