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Year 5 curriculum letter Autumn 1 2020

Autumn 2 Year 5 Curriculum Information 2019

Autumn 1 Year 5 Curriculum Information 2019

November 2019

History Learning

Year 4 role played their Stone Age games that they had created in English. We progressed to writing instructions on how to play them!

Anti-bullying week

Year 4 took part in a variety of games and discussions about respect.

History Day

Year 5 have been learning about the Stone Ages.

October 2019

Science Learning

Science project – For homework year 5 created models of the solar system as part of our Earth and Space topic.

Natural History Museum trip

As part of our science topic year 5 visited the Natural History Museum and participate in a workshop – Mission to Mars. Year 5 created Rovers out of Lego that would be suitable to travel to Mars and take information from the planet. Year 5 learnt how to program the rovers using coding and what they could add to their rovers to make their mission successful.

Science learning

Year 5 conducting an investigating, testing the effects of air resistance. They made their own parachutes and only changed one variable to make sure it was a fair test.  They decided how they was going to collect their results and drew a conclusion from their findings.


Black History Month

As part of black history month year 5 looked at Benjamin Zephaniah’s poetry. Year 5 read the poem ‘British’ and discussed the messaged that he was sending to his listeners. We discussed the style of poetry that he used to perform his poetry and the main messages. Year 5 wrote poems in the style of Benjamin Zephaniah, focusing on political and social problems within our school or society. Year 5 created these poems using different beats and actions to make their poems more interesting and to keep them in the same style as Benjamin.


September 2019

Hackney Museum trip

Year 5 visited the Hackney Museum to participate in a workshop for Black History Month. Year 5 participated in many activities and learned about the history of Hackney and how it became multi-cultural.

Science Learning

Year 5 created space documentaries, using their presenting skills. They used all the research they gathered and used it to create some amazing documentaries.

RE Day

Year 5 took part in a number of different activities for RE Day. They learnt how to draw self portraits, make bread, meditation and our new mission statement and school values. In the afternoon year 5 used abstract art to re-create their visions of Jesus’ miracles

Aspirations Day

In Year 5 the children got to hear about many different jobs and the steps they would need to take to achieve these jobs. Year 5 met a doctor and got to listen to their own hearts beats. They also found out what it would take to be a makeup artist and how exciting the job is. Finally, they met a 999 call centre assistant that helps all of the community and plays a very important role in our society.  Year 5 also dressed up in the jobs that they aspired to be, they had an opportunity to share their aspirations with the class.

RE learning

In RE we have been looking at the different miracles that Jesus performs. Our big question today was What is the difference between magic and miracles. We look at the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine. Year 5 tried to perform their own miracle by turning their water into wine.

Science learning

we created fact files based on a planet. We looked at different features of each planet, these included: astronomy, habitability, physical characteristics and fun facts. We worked in groups and all had different jobs, they included: researchers, writers and designers. Once we had made our fact files we presented it to the class, before we did our presentations we worked on our presenting skills

we have been learning about the Earth and moons orbit. We learnt how the moon orbits the Earth, while the Earth is orbiting the sun. We re-created this through role play.

We used our art skills to create landscape pictures of space and the solar system using different materials.








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