Year 1

Year 1 autumn 1 2020

Autumn 2 Year 1 Curriculum Information 2019

Autumn 1 Year 1 Curriculum Information 2019

November 2019

Topic lesson

In our topic lessons, we have been learning about children of the past. In today’s lesson we explored old toys that were played with by Victorian children.

Ja’rayah and Amiyah – We are playing with a whip and top. You have to throw the ball in the air and catch it in the cup.

Synah and Jameela – We had fun playing with this toy. You have to spin the wooden soldier.

Ethan – This looks like a Jack in the box. When you open the key it surprises you with a doll.

Eva – This is a hobby horse. Victorian children used to run around with it.


Year 1 had the opportunity to plant some daffodils, crocus and miniature iris seeds with parents of the school Jessica and Katie. We are looking forward to seeing them flower during the months of February  – March.


Keeping Ourselves Safe Day

We attended a workshop about the ways we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. We looked at how we keep our teeth healthy. We looked at the type of food we should eat to keep our body healthy. We explored ways we can keep our mind healthy and we also looked at sugar contents in drinks. This really helped us understand which drinks we should avoid to stay healthy and fit.


Our History topic is called: Children of the past (toys and schools). In this topic we will be exploring the Victorian era. We will be learning about past toys and games. We will explore what Victorian schools were like as well as learn about Victorian clothing and household objects. We will also learn about Queen Victoria during this topic.

For History day, we hosted a  teddy bear’s picnic in our classroom. We all brought in a  toy from our childhood.

Most of us have had our favourite toys since we were babies.


October 2019

Trip to Pizza Express

For our first trip in year 1, we got the opportunity to visit the Pizza Express restaurant in Islington. We made our very own pizzas using tomato and cheese toppings. We had to follow specific instructions to make sure we made the perfect margherita pizzas. We also got to wear special chef hats and aprons to look the part. The best part of the trip was that we were allowed to take our pizzas home to enjoy with our family and friends.

International Day

Darren from Dance Days came to teach us a special African dance. We had so much fun practicing the routine.

Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month, we took part in many different activities over the week.

We started off by finding out what Black History month is and why it is celebrated all over the world. We then looked closely at the life of Rosa Parks and discussed how her story has changed the way things are today.


“ Rosa Parks was frustrated because the bus driver was not being kind”


“She’s angry because the driver tell her to get off”

We also looked read the story; Handa’s surprise to celebrate Black History Month. We also made props to help us retell the story through role play.

September 2019

RE Day

We participated in Godly play with Patrick who works at St Mary’s church. Patrick told us about the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. We really enjoyed joining in to retell the story using props. We created a stain glass art work of the fish that Jesus used to feed the five thousand people and we made bread, just like Jesus did for his people. We also did some meditating to finish off our RE day. This really helped us to focus on being  calm and relaxed.  It gave us a chance to think about all the things that we are grateful and thankful for.


Library visit

Every Tuesday morning, year 1 visit Stoke Newington library. We have a story read to us by one of the librarians and then we get to choose a story we want to bring back to school with us. The books we bring back to school are always read to us, one at a time, before we have to give them back the following week. We love visiting the library and choosing new and exciting stories every week!

Aspirations Day

We dressed up in the different costumes that we one day aspire to be like. Carise came to tell us all about her job as a vicar and Zoe came to tell us all about her job as a make-up artist


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