School Meals

Our healthy and nutritious lunches are cooked using fresh ingredients on our school site by our experienced Catering Team.

We have a Catering Operations Manager from Ashlyn’s who oversees and ensures that all food produced meets the Governmental Nutritional Standards as well as the Food Based Standards.the catering company that develop our menus, sources the ingredients and train staff. Ingredients are locally sourced and where possible organic and always environmentally sound.

School Food Standards Guidance

Portion Sizes and Food Tables

St Mary’s Autumn menu, please note there maybe some change around of the days the dishes are served, this will only occur in exceptional circumstances and the school will try to give parents notice of this.

St Marys Autumn 2020 menu

Ashlyn’s Catering Company

Ashlyn’s Summer newsletter

School meal fees should be paid online using the Parentpay website, to access Parentpay you will need a username and password. You can get these from Ms Kennedy at the school office.

If you are unable to access the internet a prepayment card can be obtained which enables you to pay in shops that display the paypoint sign, once again contact Jay in office if you require a prepayment card.

All meals should be paid one week in advance of your child having a school lunch.  Please use this link to access the Parentpay website


If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 you do not have to pay for your child’s school meal as you qualify for the Universal Infant Free School Meal.

You may also qualify for a Free School Meal if you meet the criteria.

How to apply for Free School Meals

If you feel your child is entitled to Free School Meals, you must apply by completing an application form. You only have to apply once. Hackney Learning Trust will check your entitlement against information held by the Department for Education on a regular basis so that you don’t have to renew your application every year or provide proof of your entitlement.

You will need to first register to apply online for Free School Meals/Pupil Premium within Hackney Citizens Portal

The Hackney Citizens Portal is the quickest way to apply for free school meals/pupil premium and confirm your eligibility.

After you have completed your application you will receive an email to confirm your eligibility,  you can then bring this into the school office as proof of your entitlement. Hackney Learning Trust will also send out a notification to us here at school confirming your child’s FSM and Pupil Premium eligibility.

It is very important that you do this, as part of the schools funding is based on the number of children whose families are on a low income, and would be entitled to Free School meals because of low income. If you do not complete an application when your child is entitled to Free School Meals the school loses out on funding that would be spent on the children in the school.

Please discuss with Ms Kennedy at the school office for further details.


Pack Lunches – What you need to know

Eating well is important. Children need to eat well as it will give them energy and nutrients to grow and develop, be healthy and active. A healthy, enjoyable lunch gives children the energy they need to learn and play at school.

Our school food guide will provide your with further information, please also see further information for your reference..

Food Guide April 2018

Eatwell & Government guidelines

School Meals Policy July 2017